Nipple Shields

Non Piercing Nipple Shield Jewellery

NON PIERCING nipple shields

Any woman can wear these hand made solid silver twist on non piercing nipple shields.

A silver nipple ring sits delicately in the center of the flower nipple shields.

Twist around your nipple lay back and enjoy the sensuous feelings.

Dress up your breasts in a very sexy, very naughty way.

nipple shield flowers worn by breast modelflower nipple shieldsshield showing erect nipple poking through

Solid Silver Flower
Nipple Shields
£49.99 pair

The flower shields are 1 3/4 inches across.

For the larger size nipples the twisted ring in the center of the shield opens up to 1/2 inch across.

For the smaller sizes the twisted ring winds down to 3/8 inch across.

They are all handmade by a skilled silversmith in solid silver.

Demonstration on how to wear your Nipple Shields

large flower nipple shield Large Circle Nipple Shield large Star Nipple Shield little flower nipple shields Little Petal Nipple Shield
Flowers Circles Stars Little Flowers Little Petals

More Nipple Shield styles available. Click above to view.

This cheeky twist on nipple shield is so sexy. Wait till you see your lovers face as your erect nipples poke through these gorgeous flower shields.

If you have always wanted to wear jewellery on your breasts but were too scared to have a piercing then these are the perfect piece of erotic jewellery for you.

So easy to wear just twist on around your erect nipples. Wind up or down to suit your size.

Comfortable enough to wear underneath your clothing.

Try dancing naked with them on. That is one sight your lover will never forget.

Dress up your breasts with these delicate handmade flowers.

Solid Silver Nipple Jewellery

Nipple shields have been around for a long time. They are designed to partially or fully cover the areola. Originally designed with the use of a pierced nipple.

The earliest accounts of nipple piercing in western culture date back to the 14th century. During that time a fashion trend arose, which considered very deep cleavage as fashionable. Often times even the nipples were exposed in these dresses. Mostly people of the west choose to wear this jewellery for spiritual, ornamental, or sexual reasons.

So now you to can have the experience of wearing non piercing body jewellery. With out even having to have a piercing.

All our jewellery is designed by Hidden Delites and hand made in solid silver.

Nipple Shields in Gold also available

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