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Non Piercing Nipple, Body and Genital Jewellery

Nipple Rings

Any woman can wear these hand made non piercing nipple rings.

The solid silver rings are strong but soft enough to wind up and down around your nipple to fit securely and comfortably.

Choose between single or double. In a twisted, braided or solid silver design.

nipple ring in twisted single design

Nipple Ring twisted single worn on breasts

Single Twisted
£14.99 pair

Nipple Ring in twisted double design

nipple ring in twisted double design on breast

Double Twisted
£17.99 pair

nipple ring single in braided design

nipple ring braided double on breasts

Single Braided
£14.99 pair

nipple ring double in braided design

nipple ring braided double on breasts

Double Braided
£17.99 pair

Nipple Ring single in solid design

nipple ring single in solid design on breasts

Single Solid
£14.99 pair

Nipple Ring double in solid design

nipple ring in solid double design on breasts

Double Solid
£17.99 pair

The natural beauty of your nipples are even more enhanced when seen with rings of silver jewellery wrapped around them giving them an erect look.

They all hand made in solid silver by our skilled silversmith.

Imagine the pleasure of having this gorgeous jewellery sucked into place by your partner, lover, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Triple Nipple Rings are also available

triple nipple rings

One of the great things about wearing the nipple rings you can wear them under your clothing and only you know. Stimulating and naughty.

Nipple Rings are available in Gold