Nipple Shields

Non Piercing Circle Nipple Shields

non piercing nipple shield jewellery

The circle shields are 1 3/4 inches across.

For the larger size nipples the twisted ring in the center of the shield opens up to 1/2 inch across.

For the smaller sizes the twisted ring winds down to 3/8 inch across.

non piercing silver nipple shields

They are all handmade by a skilled silversmith in solid silver.

circle nipple shields worn on naked breast

Nipple Shields
£54.00 a pair

Demonstration on how to wear the Nipple Shields.

A silver nipple ring sits delicately in the center of the circle nipple shields.

Twist around your nipple for a secure fit. You can even wear them under your clothing.

Dress up your breasts in a very sexy, very naughty way. Surprise your lover with your erect nipples poking through the gorgeous flower shields. What a beautiful sight.

More Nipple Shield styles available

Flowerslarge flower nipple shield

CirclesLarge Circle Nipple Shield

Starslarge Star Nipple Shield
Flowerslittle flower nipple shields
PetalsLittle Petal Nipple Shield

New Design

large 8 love heart nipple shield

8 Love Heart Nipple Shield

About Nipple Shields

Any woman can wear these hand made non piercing circle nipple shields.

The solid silver rings are fully adjustable to wind up and down around your nipple to fit securely and comfortably.

The natural beauty of your nipples are even more enhanced when seen with shields of silver covering your areola.

If you have always wanted to wear nipple shields on your breasts but were too scared to have a piercing then these are the perfect piece of erotic jewellery for you. So pretty.

Each order comes in a free embroidered silk pouch.

Nipple Shields are available in Gold