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Toe Rings for Men

Toe rings are also designed for men’s feet.

They are a fashionable way to adorn the toes of a barefoot beach wanderer, or a sandaled office worker.

mens toe ring jewellery

Very masculine, the classic refined band.

picture showing toe ring with 2.5mm width

classic toe ring in silver and adjustable

toe ring jewellery

Choose from three widths.

2.5mm width

3.5mm width

4.5mm width

mens toe rings showing underside

Caring for your feet

Many women say that men's feet are gross, and suggest they don't wear open-toed sandals. Typically men's feet do not receive alot of attention. The nails are rough and discolored, there are callouses and the skin is rough and dry. Let's face it, if a woman's feet looked like that, we'd be telling them the same thing!

Nail spas cater to men as well as women these days. A pedicure is honestly a very relaxing experience, and your feet end up looking and feeling a lot better afterwards too! Even this simple step makes wearing sandals an enjoyable experience.

Should Men wear Toe Rings

If you have an interest in trying either a toe ring or wearing your nails polished you should not have any reservations or worry that it's only for certain groups of people. It is simply a way to make yourself more like who you want to be. What is better than being comfortable with yourself? There will always be people with closed minds thinking what you do is not right, but I would ask you, who do you want to live your life for them or you?

As well as wearing toe rings there are many nail polish colours that are more openly acceptable for men, black being an obvious choice. Dark colors like blue and maroon are also popular for men. There is always clear if you just want the shine.

Men taking better care of their feet and wearing toe rings and polish is on a strong upswing.

toe rings

How about buying one for your female friend?

Toe rings are available in Gold