Toe Rings for Men

One of our latest hand made designs is the toe ring for men.

Toe rings are now being designed for men’s feet.

They are a fashionable way to adorn the toes of a barefoot beach wanderer, or a sandaled office worker.

men's toe ring worn by male model in flip flops

Very easy to wear simply moisten the toe and slip the ring over the toe. Because of the adjustability the rings can be adjusted to fit any toe size. That makes them quite suitable for guys or girls.

Normally they are worn on the 2nd toe as this is the most comfortable. They do not fall off as you have a pad under your toe that holds it in place. You can shower, wear shoes, play sports and they stay in place.

This style is handmade in solid silver. It comes in three widths. The toe rings are adjustable to fit all toe sizes.

picture showing toe ring 2.5mm width
2.5mm classic toe ringtoe ring jewellery

Toe Ring
2.5mm width


Toe Ring
3.5mm width


Toe Ring
4.5mm width


Very masculine, the classic refined band.

toe ring for men worn by male model in sandals

Toe Rings as a gift.

Toe rings have gained popularity as they retain the funkiness associated with pierced items and other new body jewellery, but do not actually require the piercing.

The history of the toe ring does go back along way with many a sea faring man wearing them. I'm sure you'll find Captain Jack Sparrow sporting one under his boots!

Also a look that's popular with the surfing community, express your free spirit.

Think of how much fun meandering down the beach or wearing them with sandals or flip flops when you call in at your local pub. Hellish Sexy!

toe rings

Or how about buying one for your girlfriend.

Toe Rings are also available in Gold

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