Cock Rings

Spiral Design

Twisted or Braided spiral cock rings in solid silver.

spiral cock ring on male model

The ultimate experience in cock jewellery.

Just imagine wearing all that silver wrapped around your scrotum and penis. Not only does it look good it feels amazing.

The back silver coils can be worn wrapped around your scrotum or behind the scrotum. The rest is wound around your penis shaft. Totally adjustable. That way you can stretch it out or in to fit your penis size.

Cock Ring spiral shape in silver

Braided Spiral
Cock Ring

Cock Rings twisted spiral handmade design

Twisted Spiral
Cock Ring

Men just love to wear the spiral cock rings simply for the appearance. Nothing is more sexier than seeing coils of silver rings wrapped around your shaft.

How to wear your Spiral cock ring

The cock rings are very easy to put on. The silver is solid but soft enough to adjust.

Place over your penis. Take the back coils and wind them around your scrotum. Push and twist the coils and they will form around your penis size.

The cock ring should fit loosely when the penis is flaccid. It is mildly restrictive when the penis is erect.

All the rings can be adjusted to fit any man. If you find it difficult to adjust while on the penis. Find a circular object like a deodorant bottle, something of a similar size that you wish it to be. Place the cock ring over it and wind up or down. That will help maintain the perfect shape of the cock ring.

How Cock Rings Work

You put the cock ring on when you are soft. When you become aroused the blood flow is greatly increased in your penis making it become engorged and erect.

The cock rings work by creating a situation where the blood can't escape the penile tissue as easily. The penis becomes more engorged which results in a larger and harder erection in most men.

With all that blood flow you experience an increased sensation through the penis. The majority of men who have worn cock rings report having a harder penis and more intense orgasms when they do ejaculate.

Now enjoy all that silver wrapped around your scrotum and penis. Erotic way to dress up your cock.

Cock Rings are available in Gold