Nipple Clips

No piercing required.

Fully adjustable silver handmade nipple clip jewellery.

These gorgeous silver clips are suitable for the women with smaller or Inverted nipples because the clip can be closed down to a small size. However they are soft enough so they can be fully opened up making them suitable for ladies of every size. Just slid into place around the nipple and gently squeeze together.

The natural beauty of your breasts are even more enhanced when seen with clips of solid silver clasped around your nipples giving them an erect, pert look so desired by your partner.

This Nipple Jewellery is handmade in a non-piercing style in solid silver. They come in pairs.

nipple clips handmade non piercing silver jewelleryerotic nipple clip jewellery being worn by model

Solid Silver
Nipple Clips
£16.99 pair

All our Body jewellery is individually made not mass produced. An original one off especially for you.

Nipple Clips are also available with genuine Swarovski crystal and pearl dangles attached. The crystal dangles gently tickle and caress your breasts as you move. Nipple Clips with Dangles

Erotic Body Jewellery designed to stimulate you, and to excite your lover.

These sexy non-piercing clips are so naughty. Wait till your lovers face sees your erect nipples poking through this gorgeous nipple clip. If you have all ways wanted to wear breast jewellery but were to scared to have a piercing then these are the perfect piece of erotic jewellery for you. So easy to wear just slide around your erect nipple. Comfortable to be able to wear underneath your clothing.

Why wear non piercing jewellery.

Due to the pain and in some cases the complications of pierced jewellery and infection or just not wanting to have a permanent hole in your skin a lot of men and women are using and trying out non-piercing nipple, genital, body, cock, bottom and pussy jewellery to enhance their bodies without the pain factor.

Our silver non-piercing jewellery allows the wearer to enjoy all the pleasurable feelings without the waiting time while your body heals. No pain is involved wear and remove as and when you want to. Imagine the pleasure of having this gorgeous jewellery sucked into place by your partner, lover, boyfriend or girlfriend.

One great thing you can mix and match the jewellery as you will see a lot of the designs have gorgeous Swarvoski crystal dangles attached. That way you can match up a lovely pair of nipple dangles with a matching pussy dangle. They look great and feel great. Gently stimulating the most intimate part of a woman. Feel the tightness as the non-piercing rings and clips are gently squeezed together. The crystals and pearls shimmering between your thighs, how sexually erotic.

Free Gift

Because we value our jewellery and we know you want to keep it safe, each order comes in a beautiful hand made embroidered silk pouch.

Its the little differences that count and we believe that little difference is very important.

Our pouches are ideal for carrying in your pocket or handbag while travelling, so its ready to take out and wear whenever you want.

So enjoy wearing our Adult Body Jewellery and know that after you take it off it will be protected.

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Nipple Clips are available in Gold

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