Non Piercing Nipple Bars

Amber Rose wearing Nipple Bar Jewelry

Nipple Bar Jewelry

Amber Rose was out and about last week dancing away with her friends. Here she is looking absoloutly stunning in a clingy sheer white dress. But what stood out was her sexy nipple bar jewelry.

nipple jewelry

Not one to be shy and with that stunning figure as the saying goes if you’ve got it flaunt it. Thats exactly what Amber does.

See through dress with nipple jewelry

All eyes on you Amber and as for your nipple jewelry whooo!  I’m sure you were turning everybodies head that was there. Dancing up a storm looking so cool.

Amber with nipple piercings

One nipple bar on each nipple, perfect symmetry. The great news is Hidden Delites is about to launch a non piercing nipple bar. I can’t wait. But in the mean time you can wear non piercing nipple rings. They look fantastic and you don’t need to have a piercing.

nipple ring jewelry

This is where you can view a non pierced nipple ring.

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