Non Piercing Ear Cuffs

History of Non Piercing Earrings

Pierced earrings have been around for centuries. In 2004 in Chifeng city Inner Mongolia, Chinese archaeologists found some jade earrings. They date back to between 7500 and 8200 years ago. Mindblowing. I just love how we can find things of the past that transports us to another era.

By 1900’s earrings had declined in importance and many women stopped wearing them altogether. Some people were denouncing ear piercing as barbaric. Women who pierced their ears were considered “fast” or not quite respectable. Oh shock horror.

In the mid 19th century women were doing away with bonets and the fashion was to wear your hair up. Earrings had now become a fashion accessory you just had to have. It was not the norm to have your ears pierced so the jewellers adapted by making screw on and clip on earrings. The Non Piercing Earring was invented.

In the 1920’s women were wearing a non piercing screw on earring. They screwed onto the lobe which allowed for exact adjustment.


In the 1930’s earrings were completely revolutionized with the invention of a non piercing clip on earring which gained a rising popularity for the next several decades. The clip itself was a two part piece attached to the back of an earring. The two pieces closed around the earlobe, using mechanical pressure to hold the earring in place. The clip on earrings continued to be in fashion throughout most of the 20th century. As a result vintage clip on earrings are still widely available. My mum still loves wearing them. She puts them on to go out in the day and removes them when she gets home.

clip-on-pearl-earringsAfter the war and into the 1950’s there was more money around. With the glamour of movie stars like Marilyn Monroe you could afford to emulate your idols by wearing clip on costume earrings.


In the 1960’s it became popular for the males to wear earrings. Primarily gay men and hippies. Heres Robert Plant the epitome of the hippy rock god wearing his star earring. By now the pierced earring was back in vogue.


With the punk and new wave era sweeping through the 70’s and 80’s it was common place to have men and woman now wearing mutiple earrings. It was not unusual to pierce your friends or your own ears with a block of ice and a needle.


Heres Billy Idol sporting an earring. Safety pin earrings were all the rage.

Today in modern culture its mainstream to have earrings covering your upper and lower ears. Men and women love to wear earrings on both ears.

Ear cuffs are great alternative if you want to wear multiple earrings as no piercing is involved in wearing them. Once they are on you forget they are even there. So even if you have pierced ears and you to would like to wear multiple earrings you should try out non piercing ear cuffs.

ear-2They do not fall off as they are squeezed around the fold in your ear and that holds it in place. You can shower, go to the gym, sleep in them and they stay in place.

earcuffAll handmade in silver or gold by

(written by Melanie May.)

punk-rock-ear-cuffsEar Cuffs the modern day Non Piercing Earring.

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