Men’s Nipple Piercings

Guys with Nipple Piercings and Men’s Non Piercing Nipple Rings

There is certainly alot of guys out there wearing Nipple Jewelry. They are great alternative pieces of jewelry that guys can wear. They range from nipple bars to nipple rings. The great thing is anyone can wear them. No descrimination there. Dads, bankers, rockers, granddads you name it and yep even you could wear one. Hidden Delites actually has a non piercing men’s nipple ring if you want to give it a go with out having to have a piercing.Heres a few guys rocking that look.

The handsome Lenny Kravitz. Looking like the altimate rock god.

Tommy Lee also nicknamed the bad boy of Rock. He suits his nipple ring.

Dave Navarrow with his piercing nipple ring. He was a former member of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Colton Haynes a gorgeous American Actor wearing his nipple ring. Fancy a cocktail anyone?

Luke Evans is a Welsh actor who stared in Clash of the Titans plus numerous more roles. Hanging out at the beach you can see he has one of his nipples pierced.

Here is again Mr Luke Evans. This time showing of both pierced nipples.

mens non pierced nipple ringsLike I said before if you would like to wear a men’s nipple ring but not quite sure about having it pierced check out these non piercing rings. Specially designed for guys nipples.

mens non piercing nipple ring jewelry(written by Melanie May)




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