Ivor and Nancy go on Holiday

Ivor and Nancy

After a very wet and cold winter Nancy and İ decided to have a Sprıng break and what would be better than a week in Benidorm.
I know what your going to say Benidorm is Spains answer to Blackpool however we like it there.
The beaches are good and plenty of bars and nightlife.
Packing was interesting like what pieces of our non piercing jewellery should we take. İ decided to take my cock rings and Nancy packed her nipple rings, nipple shields and nipple dangles.
nipple jewelry
One of the reasons for going to Spain is the 'anything is ok' attitude on the beaches.
Great for going topless and showing off Nancy's great breasts while wearing the rıngs.
It's amazing the amount of compliments she got whıle on the beach or around the pool back at the hotel.
Women would just come over and ask where she had bought the jewellery from and the men could not stop staring at her.
İ must say though that the Nipple Dangles looked especially good on her, we had bought from www.hiddendelites.com the style two ın ruby crystals and the way they glimmered and shined look very erotic.
Nancy wore the Nipple Shields under a sheer blouse in the evenıng and and the sight of her jiggling through the various bars was something to see.
I naturally wore my cock ring and felt like i had a permanent erection.
Back at the hotel we had a bottle of red wine then off to bed for a glorious night.
And this was just the first day.
(written by Ivor Phallus)

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