History of Ankle Chains

Ankle Chains, Anklets or Ankle Bracelets.


Jewellery has been found and dated back as far as 75,000 years ago in Africa. How incredible to think that scientists can accurately pin point all those years ago that our ancestors were making and wearing jewellery. It just shows us how much we all love to decorate our bodies then and now.

With recorded history it dates  back to around 2600 BC. Now that is a long time ago. Back in the region called Mesopotamia, which in modern times is now known as parts of Iraq, Eastern Syria, South East Turkey and South West Iran. Woman and men were both wearing extensive amounts of jewellery including ankle bracelets.


Mesopotamia is called the birthplace of human civilization. Our race was entering into the modern era. With it came advanced jewellery making. Jewellery was so popular that not only royalty and nobility were wearing it so was the entire population. Large amounts of Mesopotamian jewellery is still preserved today. That is due to our ancestors wanting to bury their jewellery with themselves to carry it on to their afterlife.

Ankle jewellery has been worn for thousands and thousands of years within different cultures.

Take Egypt for example.


Above a claw anklet of amethyst and gold. Dates from the reign of Senwosret II. Which was around the time of 1887–1878 B.C.

Now take India.


In ancient India the anklets were in broad circulation throughout the whole country. These could indicate the marital status of a woman or might just be an ornament. The flexible ankle chains known as paayal were widely worn in India among dancers. Today you will find woman and children still wearing ankle chains and toe rings in their every day life. The woman and girls wear one on each ankle. They are usually made of silver because gold being a pure metal was not supposed to be worn on the feet. This privilege of gold was given only to women of royal Indian families.

Now take the western world.


While the western culture only began to enjoy anklets starting in the 20th century they have proved to be a very popular piece of jewellery. The wearer generally favouring wearing one on the right ankle.

Anklets can be worn with mini skirts or dresses, with casual shorts,  leggings or with cuffed jeans. Anything that bares the ankle zone of your foot. Ankle chains also look great with a bohemian styled women or  any girl who has at least one free spirited ensemble in her wardrobe.


The picture above is showing a gold handmade ankle chain from Hidden Delites.

I think they look sexy. How about adorning your ankles and joining this historical journey of a much loved adornment of the body.

(written by Melanie May)





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