Hand Made Non Piercing Jewelry

About Non Piercing Jewelry

Non Piercing Jewelry is designed so you can wear body jewelry with out having to have a piercing. They are made by using clips or rings to secure the jewelry to your body.


Hand made jewelry.

Hand made jewelry is that which is crafted by hand. Unlike modern machine jewelry no two pieces of handmade jewelry even of the same design will be identical. Although to the naked eye they can look almost identical depending on the skills of the jewelry maker. Hand made jewelry is complex as it is created using age old metal smithing techniques such as forging, raising, chasing, soldering and much more to create these jewelry designs. All in all you will be getting an original piece of jewelry when you buy hand made jewelry. Our website hidden delites sells all hand made jewelry take a look and check out these unusual erotic designs.

About gold smithing techniques.

A goldsmith is a metal worker who specializes in working in gold but may also use other metals like silver. A fully realized goldsmith might have a wide array of skills and knowledge at their disposal. Usually the gold is alloyed into various blends and colors. Then the gold will then be cast into some item, usually with the lost wax casting process, or they may fabricate the work directly in metal. In the latter case, the goldsmith will use a variety of tooling, including the rolling mill, the drawplate, and perhaps swage blocks and other forming tools to make the metal into shapes needed to build the intended piece. Then parts are fabricated through a wide variety of processes and assembled by soldering. A fine goldsmith can and will work to a tolerance approaching that of precision machinery, but largely using only his eyes and hand tools.


What is so special about our designs.

All our designs at hidden delites are hand made. All our jewelry is made in either solid silver or solid 9 ct gold. This means it will last forever. Today so much of the jewellery you find in the shops is made by machines and pumped out to the general public. Its rare to find an original piece. That is what is so special about our silver and gold nipple shields, you are guaranteed to have a one off original design.

clit-jewelry-on-pink-pantiesMany universities and  colleges now offer goldsmithing, silversmithing, and metal arts fabrication as a part of their fine arts curriculum. Do you know anyone that has completed the course? Would love to hear their take on jewelry making.

(written by Melanie May)

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