Erotic Story the adventures of Nancy and Ivor

Nancy and Nipple Rings part 3

nipple ring braided double on breastsNancy had often expressed a wish to wear body jewellery however, as I have mentioned before, the thought of having piercings never appealed to her. Ok the solution of course is non piercing jewellery but where and what type could we find suitable for her to wear.

We looked at various online sites and the array of different styles and designs some of which looked very tacky and really not what we wanted.

We eventually found the online site which looked like a very professional outfit offering handmade silver and gold items of body jewellery.

Great just the thing to get started on but so many items were on offer so what to start with. Well after some deliberation we decided to buy Nipple rings for Nance and also for me.

Nancy has large nipples so we bought the double braided on offer and the single twisted for me. The best thing about these nipple rings is that they are adjustable and will fit all sizes of nipples.

We looked forward with anticipation to the arrival of our order and were not disappointed when our package arrived. The rings are quite beautiful and we couldn’t wait to try them on.

nipple ring single in solid design on breastsNow comes the fun bit.

If you want you can watch your partner pull her nipples through the rings but it’s far better for you to suck her nipples through the rings it’s a very nice feeling as the nipple comes through the ring and slowly swells in your mouth. The little ohs and arghs helps as well.

Then get your nipples sucked through the rings. Do this while wearing a cock ring and yippee yiyo it’s off we go.

Wearing nipple rings definitely brings out the little exhibitionist side of a person simply because you cannot wear these items without having erect nipples most of the time so wear a cotton tee shirt without a bra and watch those eyes dart this way and that.

So for us non piercing jewellery from is not only fun to wear but erotic and stimulating, what more can anybody ask for..well winning the lottery maybe…

Until next time

(written by Ivor Phallus (names changed) )

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