Christina Aguilera wearing Nipple Rings

Christina Aguilera Nipple Rings

What an amazing woman Christina Aguilera is. Blessed with beautiful looks, a stunning figure and a voice that is one of a kind. Shes not at all shy to show off her figure. She has always come across as very confident a little bit wild and alternative. Not one to shy away from Nipple piercings and certianly not shy to show off her beautiful bust. Here are some pictures of Christina doing her thing.

Christina Aguilera wearing a tourquoise top showing of her nipple ring jewelry.

Michigan State t-shirt. Looks like Christina is off to play sport.

Even dressed casually Christina shows off her style with funky glasses and a white t shirt exposing her nipple ring.

This one looks like its from a few years back. Ready to dance up a storm. Clearly can see her beautiful bosom with her nipple ring.

Out running errands. Looking very casual but stunning as usual.

I love this picture of her with curly hair. It really suits her sassy personality. Not to mention the killer silver crystal gown.

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nipple ring jewelry

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