Cock Ring Jewelry for Men as worn by Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz wearing his Cock Ring Jewelry

What can i say, Lenny Kravitz is certainly rocking the body jewelry. As you can see here he is wearing a cock ring. One never to shy away from exposing his body. He has nipple piercings, nose piercings, ear piercings and as you can see a cock piercing.

Lenny Kravitz wearing a silver cock ring
Men’s Jewellery

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Men’s Nipple Piercings

Guys with Nipple Piercings and Men’s Non Piercing Nipple Rings

There is certainly alot of guys out there wearing Nipple Jewelry. They are great alternative pieces of jewelry that guys can wear. They range from nipple bars to nipple rings. The great thing is anyone can wear them. No descrimination there. Dads, bankers, rockers, granddads you name it and yep even you could wear one. Hidden Delites actually has a non piercing men’s nipple ring if you want to give it a go with out having to have a piercing. Continue reading “Men’s Nipple Piercings”

Christina Aguilera wearing Nipple Rings

Christina Aguilera Nipple Rings

What an amazing woman Christina Aguilera is. Blessed with beautiful looks, a stunning figure and a voice that is one of a kind. Shes not at all shy to show off her figure. She has always come across as very confident a little bit wild and alternative. Not one to shy away from Nipple piercings and certianly not shy to show off her beautiful bust. Here are some pictures of Christina doing her thing.

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Ivor and Nancy go on Holiday

Ivor and Nancy

After a very wet and cold winter Nancy and İ decided to have a Sprıng break and what would be better than a week in Benidorm.
I know what your going to say Benidorm is Spains answer to Blackpool however we like it there.
The beaches are good and plenty of bars and nightlife.
Packing was interesting like what pieces of our non piercing jewellery should we take. İ decided to take my cock rings and Nancy packed her nipple rings, nipple shields and nipple dangles.
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Rihanna wearing Nipple Ring Jewelry

Nipple Jewelry worn by Rihanna

The effervescent beautiful Rihanna. Such a unique and confident woman. When it comes to fashion Rihanna is out there with the best of them. Not one to shy away from public nudity. She has a lovely healthy body and is proud to show off her nipple jewelry. Heres a few pictures of events thats shes been to over the past few years showing how you can bear your breasts and not make it look tacky and cheap. Continue reading “Rihanna wearing Nipple Ring Jewelry”