Celebrites wearing Waist and Belly chain body Jewelry.

What is it with famous people these days. Have you noticed that they are wearing more and more body jewelry?

Pregnant, toned, slim, plump or chubby its a great way to show of your curves, spotlighting your waist and hips. You can wear them on your waist on your hips or under your clothes over your clothes. Where ever you want. Just check out all these celebrities that have taken to wearing belly chains.

kate-hudson-with-belly-chain Continue reading “Celebrites wearing Waist and Belly chain body Jewelry.”

Erotic Story the adventures of Nancy and Ivor

Adventures with Nancy. Part Two

male-model-with-spiral-cock-ringI had never really thought about wearing a cock ring or any other ornament on my dick until a strange thing happened in my local pub.
I was stood with a couple of friends downing a nice beer when we happened to start talking to a young couple, who I’ve got to admit, had more piercings than a pin cushion. The woman had her lips, nose, eyes, ears and, we later were informed, nipples and clit pierced. The man also had a large amount of piercings as well but what really interested me was his ‘Prince Albert’ I could not believe that he had had his cock, well his bell end actually, pierced. Continue reading “Erotic Story the adventures of Nancy and Ivor”

What to buy for Christmas 2016 this year?

Surprise your partner with Erotic Jewelry

christmas-gift-ideasWe all love a surprise for christmas. I can’t think of such a wonderful way to surprise your partner, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband.

Imagine waking up in the morning in bed and giving or receiving a solid silver cock ring or some beautiful nipple dangles. I don’t have to tell you that this morning is going to start off with a bang. Continue reading “What to buy for Christmas 2016 this year?”

Erotic Story about Non Piercing Body Jewelry.

nipple-clipsI have never really been into body piercings however I do like to see them on females.

My wife Nancy also likes the idea of wearing body jewelry but is not too keen on having bits of flesh taken from her body and the possibility of infections that can be caused by this act.

One day while surfing the net we found a non piercing body jewelry site which had some really cool stuff for sale. My wife who has small nipples liked the idea of the nipple clips which clipped over her nipples and kept them erect. A look I particularly liked when she wore a blouse or sweater I mean what man doesn’t like a nice pair of nipples. Continue reading “Erotic Story about Non Piercing Body Jewelry.”