Silver Ankle Chains

Also known as Ankle Bracelets or Anklets.

Anklets have been worn for thousands and thousands of years.

In Mesopotamia (2600bc to 2400bc) men and woman both wore extensive amounts of jewellery including ankle bracelets and armlets. Mesopotamia is the region now occupied by modern Iraq, parts of Eastern Syria, South Eastern Turkey and South West Iran.

In the bible anklets are referred to as ornaments of the legs. "The ladies of Jerusalem made a tinkling with their feet as they walked."

Even today in  eastern cultures like India you will find woman and children wearing ankle chains and toe rings in their every day life. The woman wear one on each ankle. They are usually made of silver because gold, being a pure metal, was not supposed to be worn on the feet. This privilege of gold was given only to women of royal Indian families.

In most modern western cultures today you will find anklets have been favored as popular mainstream jewellery.

In European countries woman and girls have been wearing anklets for years. Generally favoring wearing one on the right ankle. Either silver or gold.

They are also called anklets or ankle bracelets.

ankle chains made in solid silver with an attached crystal charm

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