How to Wear Non Piercing Nipple Shields

circle nipple shields in gold on ladies breasts

star nipple shields on erect nipple

Any woman can wear these non piercing solid 9ct gold nipple shields.

gold shield fully opennipple shield in half open postionnipple shield in the closed position

First of all open up the gold twisted nipple ring that sits in the center of the shield. When your nipple is erect place the shield over them and gently pull it through. Using your finger tips tighten the ring to fit your size.

The hand twisted solid gold nipple ring is strong but soft enough to wind down around your nipple to fit securely and comfortably.


The nipple shields are 1 3/4 inches across from point to point

For the larger nipple the twisted ring in the center of the shield opens up to 1/2 inch across.

For the smaller size the twisted ring winds down to 3/8 inch across.


The nipple shields are 4.2 cm. across from point to point.

For the larger nipple the twisted ring in the center opens up to 1.5 cm. across.

For the smaller nipple the twisted ring winds down to 1 cm. across.

Nipple Shields

The large and small nipple shields have the same size opening in the center of the shield, it is only the shield size that is different. In other words the large shield covers more of your areola.

You really are getting a special piece of jewellery when you purchase the nipple shields. Each piece is handmade by a goldsmith who can work to a tolerance approaching that of precision machinery, but largely using only his eyes and hand tools.

Small Gold Nipple Shields are also available.

small gold nipple shield flowersmall gold petal nipple shield

Enjoy wearing your adult nipple shields knowing you will be getting a special pair of unique jewellery.

Expensive but shes worth it.