Mens Nipple Rings

Adjustable men's jewellery.

Every ring is hand twisted from solid silver.

men's nipple rings non piercing

No Piercing is needed. Fully Adjustable.

Choose between buying one nipple ring or a pair.

mens nipple rings

Mens Nipple Ring
£4.99 each

mens nipple rings

Mens Nipple Rings
£9.99 pair

Mens Non Piercing Nipple Rings

These nipple rings are suitable for a man who has a prominent nipple. i.e. not inverted.

Designed for men who want to enjoy the sensual feeling of wearing a nipple ring with out the pain of having a nipple pierced.

They all hand made in solid silver by our skilled silversmith.

How to wear the Nipple Rings

Gently pull the nipple through or get your partner to place the ring in their mouth then gently suck them through.

Adjust by squeezing them gently for a secure fit. They do not fall off when secured properly.

More Men's Jewellery

If you feel the nipple rings are not suitable for you why not check out the cock rings. These are adjustable and suitable for all men. They work by constricting the blood flow, keeping the blood in the shaft of the penis. When the wearer finally does ejaculate the sensation is more intense since it can take a longer time to have an orgasm. After an orgasm the blood remains in the shaft longer helping maintain the erection of the penis before it becomes flaccid.

Mens Nipple Rings are available in Gold