Lip Rings and Body Rings

lip rings and body rings for woman

Suitable for girls and guys. Anyone can wear these non piercing lip and body rings.

Every one is handmade by our skilled goldsmith.

Available in a solid 9ct gold or braided 9ct gold designs. Choose from a single piece or pairs.

body rings worn on male models ear

Choose from a single piece or a pair.

Braided Gold Body Ring
braided body ring


Braided Gold Body Rings
one pair
braided rings one pair


Solid Gold Body Ring
solid body ring in gold


Solid Gold Body Rings
one pair
pair of solid body rings in gold


You can go wild with your imagination when you wear these non piercing body rings. Wear the jewellery on your ears, lips, nose, pinky finger, penis, pussy lips. In fact any where you have a fold of skin.

Body Jewellery

As you know pierced body jewellery is very popular today. What a lot of people do not know is that you can purchase very similar jewellery with out needing to be pierced. What we offer is a range of beautiful designed jewellery for guys and girls. Enjoy wearing these up to date designs with out the need for a hole in your skin.

Each order comes in a free embroidered jewellery bag.

Body Rings are available in Silver