Gold Toe Rings

Engraved and Adjustable styles

Compliment your feet with this engraved, adjustable toe ring.

toe ring in solid gold

This toe ring has been engraved. It sparkles when catching the light. It is adjustable so can fit any toe size.

toe rings in solid gold

They are so snug and light you won't even know you are wearing them with or with out shoes.

toe rings with gold engraving

Solid 9ct Gold
Engraved Toe Ring
£79.99 each

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 classic gold toe ringgold engraved toe ring

How to wear your Toe Ring Jewellery.

Put moisturizer around your toe and the toe ring, push and wind the ring over the toe. Because of the adjustability the rings can be adjusted to fit any toe size. Normally they are worn on the 2nd toe as this is really comfortable. If you are having difficulty in putting this toe ring style on. Find a pen and slide it on to it. Push it up the pen and that will help expand it to a larger size.

How do I clean my toe ring?

Yes, it is possible to clean the jewellery. Gold does not tarnish but it may lose its sheen over time due to body lotions, shampoos, soap, etc. Remove the toe ring then rinse under warm water with a mild detergent. You can even use a soft brush. If its really dull place in a small dish with water and detergent and let them sit for 20 minutes. Rinse then dry off with a soft cloth. Sparkles like new.

They look outstanding in open toed stiletto shoes or fantastic if you like to go barefoot on the beach.

Toe Rings are available in Silver