Gold Cock Ring

Custom Love Bump

The love bump design is custom made to fit your penis size.

Used correctly the wearer will be able to grind the bump into your lovers erogenous zone. May take some practice!

The love bump cock ring is available in two different weights. There is approximately 3/4 or 1 ounce of 9ct gold used in the process of making each love bump cock ring.

pleasure love bump cock ring

Custom love bump

3/4 ounce gold

Custom love bump

1 ounce gold

Forwarding your size for your custom made cock ring.

After buying online, send the measurement of the circumference of your penis in a flaccid (soft) state. You do this by using a piece of string and wrap it around your flaccid cock. Where the end of the string overlaps itself make a mark. Using a measuring tape, measure the string to the mark you made. The cock ring should fit loosely when the penis is soft. It is mildly restrictive when the penis is erect. Email your size to our contact form

circumference of cock rings diagram

The circumference measurement is around the penis as shown above.

We will then start making your very own custom cock ring to fit your size. You will then be guaranteed a perfect fit when you have an erection.

The more phallic endowed gentlemen will probably find the heavier larger cock rings more comfortable.

Adjustable Cock Rings

cock ring twisted in gold

How the Cock Rings work

You put the cock ring on when you are soft. When you become aroused the blood flow is greatly increased in your penis making it become engorged and erect.

The cock rings work by creating a situation where the blood can't escape the penile tissue as easily. The penis becomes more engorged which results in a larger and harder erection in most men.

With all that blood flow you experience an increased sensation through the penis. The majority of men who have worn cock rings report having a harder penis and more intense orgasms when they do ejaculate.

Now just imagine the warmth of gold against your most intimate parts the love bump stimulating your bodies as you move, prolonging your erection, delaying ejaculation, intensifying your orgasms.

Cock Rings are available in Silver