Gold Thumb Rings

Adjustable to fit all sizes

Designed for men who want to enjoy wearing jewellery that is cool and a little bit different.

Hand Braided in 9ct gold

Thumb rings for men in solid braided 9ct gold

The thumb rings have an opening underneath so you can adjust them to fit your size.

The 9ct gold is solid but soft enough to open and close to fit the size of your thumb.

gold thumb rings for guysthumb ring jewellery for men

The length of the thumb ring is 2.8 inches.

gold braided thumb rings

Gold Braided Thumb Ring
£109.00 each

Wear two together on the same thumb for a really eye catching cool look.

How to wear your Thumb Ring

They really do fit comfortably and securely. To put on your thumb ring it is very easy, just open the ring slightly. Gently slide over your thumb or desired finger you wish to wear it on. Push the two ends together. They will not fall off if secured properly. Should they lose their shape at all just wind around a cylinder type object and press back to its natural state.

Cock Rings

Don't forget guys to check out the stunning solid silver cock rings. Totally adjustable and no need for a piercing. This remarkable piece of jewellery wrapped around your penis helping prolong your erection and delaying ejaculation. Match the cock ring up with a bottom teaser. Another wonderful design. Unlike anything you have worn before. Our anal jewellery are held in place by a pure silver insert that effortlessly glides in. A slight clenching of the anal muscles ensures a pleasurable feeling and the crystal drop adds that extra little tickle.

Thumb Rings are available in Silver