Gold Pussy Dangles

Solid 9ct Gold Pussy Dangle Jewellery.

gold pussy dangles

Any woman can wear this jewellery as no piercing is needed.

Each piece of jewellery is made in solid 9ct gold by our goldsmith.

Gold is strong but soft enough for the rings to be opened and closed to fit around your outer pussy lips. Squeeze the rings together to suit your size. The Swarovski dangles caress your inner thighs tickling them giving you a feeling so satisfying.

Feel the gold against your skin with every movement.

Choose from the Dangle Styles below.

gold pussy dangle gold pussy dangle jewellery gold pussies jewellery for the girls
Pussy Dangles
Pussy Dangles
Pussy Dangles

swarovski color chart

More Pussy Dangles, choose from styles below.

nipple dangles style 1 nipple dangles style 2 nipple dangles style 3 nipple dangles style 4 nipple dangles style 5 nipple dangles style 6 nipple dangles style 7 nipple dangles style 8 nipple dangles style 9

Pussy Dangles how to wear your gold non piercing jewelry.

The 9ct gold is solid but soft enough to open the gap on the rings. Place over your outer labia lips and adjust for fit. Gently squeeze the gap in the rings together until you feel a bit of pressure. It will not hurt and they do fit comfortably, if secured properly they do not come off.

Pussy jewelry is designed for foreplay. Once you start putting the pussy dangles on to your lover your excitement will be immense. They certainly dress up the pussy in a seductive manner.

Pussy Jewellery is also available in Silver

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