Clitoris Jewellery

with Rose Pearls or Black Pearls

clit clip jewellery for woman

Enjoy the sensation as your partner attaches this gorgeous shimmering Swarovski Pearl Clitoris Jewellery to your most intimate part. So beautiful.

All the jewellery is handmade by our skilled goldsmith. The dangles are made with genuine Swarovski Pearls.

The designs are standard and deluxe. The difference being the deluxe has an added third dangle which is placed over your clitoris. Giving that extra stimulation to your most intimate part.

No Piercing is required any woman can wear this solid 9ct gold clitoris clip jewellery.

How to wear your pearl clitoris jewellery

Stimulate the clitoris by stroking, rubbing or kissing. Open up the gold clip and slide around the inner labia lips. Leave the clitoris protruding at the top of the clip. Squeeze the clip together. The butterfly dangles should be hanging between your legs brushing against your inner thighs. If you have brought the deluxe clit jewellery place the added dangle to sit on top of your clitoris for more sensations. The clip is made from solid gold but is soft enough to be able to slide around your lips and squeeze together.

Swarovski Pearls come in a choice of 2 colours.

sex jewellery black pearls clit jewellery
Gold Clit Jewellery

Gold Clit Jewellery

swarovski color chart

Delight and thrill your lover with a clit teaser and you're well on your way to bringing them to climax.

More Clit Dangles, choose from styles below.

nipple dangles style 1 nipple dangles style 2 nipple dangles style 3 nipple dangles style 4 nipple dangles style 5 nipple dangles style 6 nipple dangles style 7 nipple dangles style 8 nipple dangles style 9

About Swarovski Pearls

Crystal Rose and Black Pearls are made by Swarovski. They are a perfect imitation of natural pearls. Combining an innovative pearl coating over a crystal core, ensuring a flawless surface and exact curves. As with natural pearls, Swarovski Crystal Pearls adjust to skin temperature. These pearls are abrasion-proof, resistant to perfume, perspiration, electroplating, UV light and scratches. They can be washed and dry cleaned.

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Clitoris Jewellery is available in Silver

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