Belly & Waist Chains

worn by famous celebrities

Join in with the ever growing popularity of wearing a waist chain. These women do it with style.

Pregnant, toned, slim, plump or chubby its a great way to show of your curves, spotlighting your waist and hips.

beyonce wearing belly chainBeyonce wearing a belly chain while pregnant.

kate hudson wearing belly chainKate Hudson wearing a belly chain coming home from the gym

candice swanepole wearing belly chainCandice Swanepoel down on the beach wearing a belly chain.

rihanna wearing belly chainRhianna hanging out wearing a belly chain.

mariah carey wearing belly chainMariah Carey wearing her bellychain.

janet jackson wearing belly chain Janet Jackson out at an awards show wearing her belly chain on her waist.

busy phillips wearing belly chainBusy Phillips showing off her toned tummy with a belly chain.

leona lewis wearing belly chainLeona Lewis showing off her belly chain jewellery.

camila alves wearing waist chainCamila Alves with a sexy gold waist chain.

Here is just a few of the celebrities of the day out wearing their belly chain jewellery.


Shikara with belly chain in hips dont lie

Not forgetting one of the most famous woman for showing off and adorning her hips in such a sensual way.

Here she is performing hips don't lie.

Shikara puts Belly Dancing on the map for a lot of western girls.

A belly dance is a western-coined name for a traditional middle eastern dance. Every part of the body is involved in the dance but the most featured body part is usually the hips.
Just look at the way Shikara shakes those hips. So spectacular you can't take your eyes off her.

Adorn your hips with a belly chain and have a go at the shiver or shimmy.

It is a shimmering vibration of the hips. The simplest shimmy is created by moving the knees past each other at high speed. The shimmy can be performed in different directions - up and down, side-to-side, or in a forward and back swinging motion. The same move can be performed using the chest and shoulders, that is called a shoulder shimmy.

silver waist chains

gold waist chains