Pussy Dangles

with Swarovski Black Pearls

Pussy dangles, jewellery designed for any woman to wear, squeeze the solid silver non piercing rings onto your outer labia lips.

Every piece is hand made in solid silver using genuine Swarovski crystal dangles by our skilled silversmith.

black pussy dangles worn on model

Gently squeeze the solid silver non piercing rings onto your pussy lips.

Allowing the linking chain to softly brush against the clitoris.

Pussy dangles have Swarovski black pearl crystal dangles that tickle the inner thighs creating an arousing feeling with every movement.

black pussy jewellery

Pussy Dangle

Black Pearls

swarovski colour chart

How to wear Pussy Jewellery

Open up the non piercing solid silver rings. Slide onto your outer pussy lips (labia). Gently squeeze together so that the rings fitsecurely and comfortably. The black pearl dangles will be hanging between your legs brushing and tickling against your inner thighs.

More Pussy Dangle Styles

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Swarovski Black Pearls

Crystal Black Pearls are made by Swarovski. They are a perfect imitation of natural pearls. Combining an innovative pearl coating over a crystal core, ensuring a flawless surface and exact curves. As with natural pearls, Swarovski Crystal Pearls adjust to skin temperature. These pearls are abrasion-proof, resistant to perfume, perspiration and scratches.


Pussy Jewellery

All the pussy dangle jewellery is individually made not mass produced. When you buy our designs you are getting a one off piece of original jewellery.

Get your lover to put them on for you. Enjoy their happiness as they see your most intimate parts encircled with crystals and silver. The black pearl dangles will be poised between your legs brushing and stimulating your legs with every movement.

Pussy Dangles are available in Gold