Anal Bottom Jewellery

with Swarvoski Butterfly Dangles

Bottom dangles are designed for men and women.

Very erotic piece of jewellery. Pleasurable feelings for everyone who gets to wear one.

Every piece is hand made in solid silver.

beautiful bottom with anal plug jewellery

Unlike anything you have worn before our Bottom Jewellery is held in place by a pure silver insert. It effortlessly glides in, a slight clenching of the anal muscles ensures a pleasurable feeling and the Swarovski butterfly dangles caressing your bottom and adding that extra tickle.

anal bottom jewellery with rose butterflys

Bottom Dangles
Rose Butterflys

anal plug jewellery with crystals

Bottom Dangles
Clear Ab. Butterflys

swarovski colour chart

How to wear the Bottom Dangles.

The first steps involve anal massage. Usually when the bottom is first touched it contracts, preventing entry. You need to get the anal muscles to relax prior to any insertion. With time you will feel the muscles relax and the anus open up. You can use saliva or a water based lubricant. Gently glide in your anal jewellery. Leave the butterfly dangle showing. Your muscle tone in your bottom keeps the jewellery in place.

More Bottom Jewellery Styles

swarovski dangle 001swarovski dangle 002swarovski dangle 003swarovski dangle 004swarovski dangle 005swarovski dangle 006swarovski dangle 007swarovski dangle 008swarovski dangle 009

Choose from crystals, butterflys, love hearts or pearls.

Bottom Teasers

Bottom jewellery can have a negative stigmatization attached to it. We are taught from an early age that our anus is dirty. While the rectum can have bugs, the normal bacteria present does not pose a risk to us as long as we are in good health and practice good hygiene.

In spite of a lot of negative feelings towards our anus, many people find their anus gives them pleasant and enjoyable sensations when touched and caressed. Many people male and female find touching their anus and inserting things into it such as bottom teasers very enjoyable.

Swarovski Crystal Ab. Butterflys

The Swarovski butterfly crystal known as Crystal Ab. (Aurora Borealis). It is a term used for crystal stones that have a highly iridescent surface. The effect is achieved by vapor blasting the facets of the lower part of the crystals with an invisible micro thin metal sheet. This effect on the crystals was created by Swarovski in 1955 in collaboration with Christian Dior.

The butterflys catch the surrounding light. The colours then bounce of the metal sheet then reflects through the crystal.

Aurora Borealis is also knows as the northern lights.

It is great foreplay and very erotic to look at once its in.

Everybody finds the naughtiness of it all a superb turn on.

Bottom Dangles are available in Gold