Slave Bracelets

Adjustable Slave Bangle Jewellery.

Designed for the modern woman who wants to enjoy the unique look of wearing a slave bracelet.

This slave bracelet is hand made in solid silver. A silver adjustable bangle connects to a delicate chain that is handmade link by link and adorned with 3 silver balls. Connecting to a solid silver adjustable silver ring.

Exquisite design.

slave bangle jewellery in solid silver

All the slave bracelets are hand made in solid silver. Making them a one off piece of jewellery just for you.

slave bracelet and slave bangles

Wearing your slave bracelet.

Very easy to wear simply place the ring on the desired finger squeeze together to fit your finger size. Turn the bangle on its side and slip across your wrist turn it around to sit with the chain in the center. Now ease the bracelet together to fit your wrist size.

Solid Silver Slave Bracelet


The bangle closes down to 6 1/2inches and opens up to over more than an inch larger than that.

Wear them if you have that little bit of Gypsy in you! They really are a fun piece of jewellery that makes a statement when you wear them. Attracting attention when ever you wear them out. Because it is an original piece of jewellery the bracelet is something you can wear again and again. Lasting an eternity.

Slave Bracelets in India

Slave Bracelets are also known as hand bangles or hand flowers. In India they are called Panja which means hand jewellery in Hindi. They originated way back in the times of Harems. They were generally given to the women to wear as tokens of the gentleman's affection.

Today they are becoming more and more popular as an alternative piece of jewellery. The slave bracelets are still very popular in India and quite often worn as part of the traditional Indian bridal dress.

Slave Bracelets are available in Gold

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