Gold Nipple Dangles

with Swarovski Pearls

These gorgeous gold nipple dangles can be worn by all women. The non piercing ring design will open and close to fit your nipples.

They are handmade in solid 9ct gold and with a choice of Rose or Black Pearl Swarovski Dangles.

black pearl nipple dangles in goldpink pearl nipple jewellery

Rose or Black Pearls
£99.99 pair

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More Gold Nipple Dangles

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Swarovski crystals, butterflys, love hearts and pearls.

How to wear the Gold Nipple Dangles

Place the ring over your erect nipple. Secure by squeezing together. They do not fall off if secured properly.

These lovely pearls catch the light and shine as they brush against your breasts. The rose and black pearls are one of the many favourite crystals to come from Swarovski.

Swarovski Pearls

Swarovski Pearls are perfect imitations of natural pearls. Combining an innovative pearl coating over a crystal core. Ensuring a flawless surface and exact curves. As with natural pearls, Swarovski crystal pearls adjust to skin temperature. These pearls are abrasion proof, resistant to perfume, perspiration, UV light and scratches. They can be washed.

Nipple Dangles are available in Silver