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Non Piercing Nipple, Body and Genital Jewellery

Nipple Chains

with Swarovski crystals

Non piercing nipple chains any woman can wear.

nipple chains in silver which help keep an erect nipple while looking gorgeous

Each Nipple Chain has 3 Swarovski crystal dangles attached.

Choose between 3 different chain lengths 9inch, 11inch and 13inch.

Measure from nipple to nipple to find the chain size to suit you.

nipple chain jewellery

9 inch
Nipple Chain
Style 1

11 inch
Nipple Chain
Style 1

13 inch
Nipple Chain
Style 1


swarovski colour chart

Each one is handmade by our skilled silver smith making this exquisite piece of nipple jewellery very unique.

More Nipple Chains

Six different Dangles to choose from in a variety of colours below.

swarovski dangle 001 swarovski dangle 002 swarovski dangle 003 swarovski dangle rose butterfly swarovski dangle crystal ab butterfly swarovski dangle ruby love heart swarovski dangle amethyst love heart swarovski dangle rose pearl swarovski dangle black pearl

Swarovski crystals, butterflys, love hearts and pearls.

These delicate nipple chains are so beautiful.

Wait till you see your lovers face as your erect nipples poke through the hand made braided rings.

Nipple Chains are available in Gold