Gold Nipple Chains

with Swarovski Butterfly Dangles

The 9ct gold nipple chains are made in a non piercing adjustable style.

Any women can wear this design.

rose butterfly nipple chains in gold

Each Nipple Chain has 3 Swarovski Rose Butterfly dangles attached.

Choose between 3 different chain lengths 9inch, 11inch and 13inch.

Measure from nipple to nipple to find the chain size to suit you.

gold butterflies on nipple chain

9 inch
Gold Nipple Chain
Rose Butterflys

11 inch
Gold Nipple Chain
Rose Butterflys

13 inch
Gold Nipple Chain
Rose Butterflys

swarovski colour chart

Each one is handmade by our skilled gold smith making this exquisite piece of nipple jewellery very unique.

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nipple dangles style 1 nipple dangles style 2 nipple dangles style 3 nipple dangles style 4 nipple dangles style 5 nipple dangles style 6 nipple dangles style 7 nipple dangles style 8 nipple dangles style 9

How to wear your Nipple Chain

The nipple chains are made in a non piercing adjustable style so that any woman can wear this pretty gold jewellery. Each chain has two braided nipple rings attached. Simply open the ring open and place over the erect nipple. Close the ring down by squeezing together to fit your nipple size. Very comfortable and once they are on they do not fall off.

Even better get your partner to put them on for you. Get him to suck your nipples through the ring and adjust to fit. Wonderful foreplay.

They come in a variety of dangle styles from butterflies to love hearts to pearls. You can also match them up with ladies genital jewellery like clit dangles. They have the same Swarovski dangles to match up with your gold nipple chain.

Swarovski Butterfly

Rose Butterflies are made by Swarovski. They are made from the finest crystal lead glass, cut and ground with such precision that they sparkle as brilliantly as diamonds. They have a weight and style that sets them apart from normal beads. The sparkle comes from the light bouncing off internal surfaces.


Nipple Chains are available in Silver