Men's Gold Nipple Rings

These gold nipple rings are suitable for a man who has a prominent nipple. i.e. not inverted.

Designed for men who want to enjoy the sensual feeling of wearing a nipple ring with out having a nipple pierced.

gold nipple rings for men

These unique men's nipple rings are non piercing and have been hand made by twisting the gold into rings.

No Piercing is needed. Fully Adjustable.

Choose between buying one nipple ring or a pair.

nipple rings for the modern man

Men's Gold
Nipple Rings
£17.99 each

men's nipple rings in solid gold

Men's Gold
Nipple Rings
£34.99 a pair

Men's Non Piercing Nipple Rings

If you have always wanted to wear men's nipple jewellery but was a bit worried about have a piercing then these are a great alternative piece of jewellery just for you. Get to enjoy the erotic feelings with out a piercing. Enjoy the look on your lovers face as they see your erect nipple with a twisted ring wrapped around it.

They make a great gift or just a personal indulgence for yourself.

Each gold nipple ring from Hidden Delites is hand made making it an original piece of jewellery just for you.

How to wear the Nipple Rings

Gently pull the nipple through or get your partner to place the ring in their mouth then gently suck them through.

Adjust by squeezing them gently for a secure fit. They do not fall off when secured properly.

Men's Nipple Rings are available in Silver