Clitoris Jewellery

clitoris jewellery clip on blond woman

Non Piercing Designs

Captivate and thrill your lover with a clit teaser. Let your lover enjoy the sensations as you attach this erotic jewellery to their most intimate parts.

The dangles are made using genuine Swarovski crystals. The clips are made in solid silver.

All the clit jewelry is hand made which means its crafted by hand by our skilled silversmith. Unlike modern machine jewelry, no two pieces of hand made jewelry even of the same design will be identical. Enjoy wearing your clit jewelry knowing you are wearing a one off original design.

How to wear your clitoris jewellery

Stimulate the clitoris by stroking, rubbing or kissing their genitals. Open up the clip and slide around the inner labia lips. Leave the clitoris protruding at the top of the clip. Squeeze the clip together. The dangles should be hanging between your legs brushing against your inner thighs. If you have brought the deluxe clit jewellery place the added dangle to sit on top of your clitoris for more sensations.

What an absolute delight to see your lover wearing one. Stimulating foreplay and a great way to bring your lover to a climax.

Let your lover reveal your inner sexuality. Feel the clip being squeezed around your inner pussy lips. Feel the crystals tickling your inner thighs. Wonderful.

The designs are standard and deluxe. The difference being the deluxe has an added third dangle which is placed over your clitoris. Giving that extra stimulation to your most intimate part. No piercing is needed to wear the clitoris jewelry.

clitoris jewellery in standard style clitoris jewelry in deluxe style
Standard Clit Jewellery

Deluxe Clit Jewellery

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Clitoris jewellery is designed to enhance your sexual foreplay and to stimulate your clitoris.

More Clit Clips, choose from styles below.

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One of the great things about Hidden Delites jewellery is you can mix and match the pieces. All the styles have matching dangles. The clitoris jewellery looks great when paired up with matching nipple clips. Just click on the navigation bar to view and to buy nipple clips to match your clit jewellery.

All the crystal dangles are made by Swarovski. They are made from the finest crystal lead glass, cut and ground with such precision that they sparkle as brilliantly as diamonds. They have a weight and style that sets them apart from normal beads. The sparkle comes from the light bouncing off internal surfaces.

Each order comes in a embroidered jewellery bag.

Clitoris Clips are available in Gold

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