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Non Piercing Nipple, Body and Genital Jewellery

Arm Band

Snake design

This gorgeous snake armband is hand made in solid silver.

snake arm band in solid silver

snake arm band jewellery worn on models arm

The silver is solid but soft enough so the armbands can be fitted by opening and closing to fit your arm size.

Arm Band Snake Design

You will definitely be turning heads with this design. The arm band even looks smart when worn over your blouse or jacket sleeve.

More Arm Bands

Two more styles to choose from. Twirls and Rana.

arm bands with twirls

arm band rana design

Its something a little bit different. Now just wait for the admiring glances, all your girlfriends will be asking you where you got your Snake armband jewellery from.

Arm bands have been around for thousands of years now you can indulge in the fantasy of wearing a solid silver arm band.

Body Jewellery is available in gold